Top 5 ideas to get the most out of your wedding photos

Your wedding photos are an important part of your memories. Your goal is to capture as many moments as possible, no matter how seemingly insignificant. The photographers goal should be to capture those moments as creatively and beautifully as possible. These top 5 ways will help both of you get on the same page so that your wedding can be memorialized forever.

  1. Set up a consultation.
    Hiring the right photographer is the most important step. Sit down with him or her and clarify price and expectations and most importantly, THEIR experience. If they’ve been doing this long enough, they’ll have plenty of ideas and stories for you and what they recommend. Make sure that their personality matches yours – no one wants to get in an argument with their photographer on the big day. If you and your photographer can mesh on a communication level, that will solve a lot of future problems. Lastly, AGREE on a photographer with your fiancée – if one of you likes the photographer and the other one doesn’t clashes will happen.
  2. Be Prepared.
    When you meet with your wedding photographer, be as prepared as possible. Gather questions before your consultation and ask as many questions as you can. It never hurts to read bolgs or even check out pintrest to see others experiences before your consultation. Make sure you set up your consultation in advance to plan for your future bride or groom to be present . Write your questions down and have them handy when you meet. Also, be sure you bring a pen and paper along with you to take any notes. Include date met with them, their name or organization name, pricing and any other pertinent information. Keep all of this info in ONE place so you can keep track of who you met with and take enough notes that you can remember who was who. Be thorough in your questions and ask any that pop up while you talk with them. If your photographer gets annoyed with your excessive questions, dump them, they aren’t focusing on you they concerned with the check. When you meet with them, talk about what interests you or what you have seen that you like and if decided, where the ceremony will be. If they’re any good they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Lastly, Make sure there is going to be more than one photographer on site. One photographer can’t cover both the bride and groom and no one wants to miss those silly moments.
  1. Do your research.
    It never hurts to learn a few more things. That’s why when your looking in to photographers, look up some examples of different styles or trends. Research the photographers you’re meeting with. Dare I say, internet stalk them. Look for testimonies on sites OTHER THAN THEIR OWN. Yelp is good for this, so is facebook and last resort, google them. Some photographers are very good at the pitch when they meet with you but their follow through and follow up lack the luster they promised when you first met them. Find this out ahead of time so you’re not met with any surprises. During your research, it’s also good to discover what styles you like before you meet with your photographer. Talking in their language will help make it easier for them to understand what you want and what you expect.
  2. Avoid trends
    In light of the last note, trends can go away so make sure its something you’ll be ok with looking at for the next 20 years. Remember that 80’s hair or the mullet trend that swept the US? How often do you whip those photos out to share with friends and family? Point made on that front. Trends can be very hip for the moment but make sure that you are willing to look at them for a long time. Find something that you consider “classy” or “timeless”. Or if you have a sense of humor, and plan to keep that as you get older, go 1920’s gangster chic or burlesque style. Along with trends comes camera angles and style of shots. Find me one wedding couple that doesn’t have a picture of their hands with the wedding bands. However, I wouldn’t call this a trend, I would call this is a timeless picture to capture because it symbolizes the importance of the promise in the wedding bands. That’s all I can say about trends because I’m sure they’re changing as I type this.
  3. Location, location, location!
    The success of your wedding photos will ultimately depend on the lighting or setting of your location. Some people opt to do indoor wedding photos and that’s ok – just be clear with your photographer of the setting that you are surrounded by. If it is too dark it could look like you are in a morgue…in a wedding dress. If it is too light you might look like an angel and the radiating light could shadow your groom. Pick a place that is significant to both of you and discuss any and all locations with your photographer. Chose a few locations and go on a tour with your photographer once you’ve picked both your photographer and a few locations. Ask them what they think, where they are thinking of doing these shots, if they need light or if they can do it with natural light. Your photographer will appreciate you taking the time to work with them – Light is their whole world! While you’re at these locations, discuss a timeline for the pictures, how long they anticipate it to take. Side note: find something fun for your guests to do while your out taking pictures.